Cheese Cutters

Cheese Cutters

Ullmer’s Dairy Equipment & Fabrication Cheese Cutters is compliant to be 3A sanitary standards. We provide multiple different style cheese cutter options, such as EZ way cheese cutter, 2 Way Cheese Cutter, various of different style manual cheese cutters. Our cheese cutters can be custom built and designed to fit all our customers’ needs. Contact us if you have any further questions.

Air Actuated Cheese Cutters

Safely remove manual cutting on cheese wheels with our single-blade, pneumatic-driven, guillotine-style cutter.

  • Customizable cutting blocks are available upon request.
  • Cutting capabilities are customer specific.

Manual Cheese Cutters

Drastically reduced manual labor, increase wedge production, speed up packaging and increase accuracy with a precise manual cheese cutter.

  • Available as a standalone unit or in conjunction with a work table
  • Includes manually indexing cut blocks fit to customer needs

If you would like more information or have any questions regarding our products please fill out the contact form below. For the fastest service, call (920) 822-8266 and ask to speak with our sales team.