COP Tanks

COP Tanks

Ullmer’s Dairy Equipment & Fabrication Clean-Out-Of-Place (COP) Wash Tanks’ purpose is to hold mild caustic and chemical wash solutions. All solutions are supplied to the tank through a circulation system. Components being washed are submerged in the wash solutions and can be either loose or in removable part baskets. Contact us if you have any further questions.

We offer the following sizes:

Our COP Tanks are designed to be 24″W x 21″Deep

  • 4′ COP Tank – 5 HP Pump
  • 6′ COP Tank – 5 HP Pump
  • 8′ COP Tank – 7.5 HP Pump
  • 10′ COP Tank – 10 HP Pump


  • Casters or Ball-Feet
  • With or Without Cover
  • Single or Double Pen Chart Recorder
  • Steam Sparge
  • Controls


  • Electric Heater & Extra Plumbing Upgrade
  • End Port Upgrade
  • Pump Upgrade (Dixon is our standard) but we can add Fristam, Ampco, Waukesha, etc.

If you would like more information or have any questions regarding our products please fill out the contact form below. For the fastest service, call (920) 822-8266 and ask to speak with our sales team.