150 Gallon Cheese Vat

-Steam heat

-4 adjustable sanitary ball-feet

-2B finish, 32RA food-grade polish inside

-Automatic traveling agitator

-Kusel style

-E stop on agitator

-Start, stop traverse & stir

-External speed control

-Allen Bradley 525

-Removable paddles / forkers

-Cheddar forkers with uhmw paddles

-Milk paddles 

-Add on Lumaco valve (standard 2½”) 

-Outside vat dimensions 64″L x 44″W 

-Inside vat dimensions 60″L x 40″W

-Depth 21″ on the valve side & 19″ on the opposite side

 water heat 6 to 12 week lead-time or steam heat 8-10



All items unless otherwise specified are sold as is & only consist of the main product in question. Compressors, Valves, Motors, Agitators, etc. are not included unless specifically listed or discussed with sales.

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