Indexing Cheese Wheel Cutter - #3194

-The cutter is designed to cut a 12Ib and 16Ib wheel of cheese into 4-6oz wedges. The final weight of the wedges can be changed by the number of cuts done on the wheel. Supplied with the cutter are three indexing “Cut Block,” these blocks are: Half Cut Block, 16 Cut Block and 24 Cut Block. The blocks consist of a plastic indexing block, a sheet metal adjustment plate, and plastic adjustable holding fingers.

-The Half Cut Block is designed to split the wheel along the round edge after the wheel has been cut in half. This block is adjustable for both wheels. It is recommended to mark the backside of the sheet metal adjustable plate for easy holding finger location once set. 

-The 16 Cut Block is designed to turn 12Ib wheel 32 6 oz. wedges. Also, the 16 cut block can be used to turn the 16Ib wheel into 32 ½ Ib. wedges.

-The 24 Cut Block is designed to turn the 16Ib wheel into 48 5.3 oz. wedges. Also, the 24 cut block can be used to turn the 12Ib wheel into 24 ½ Ib. wedges by skipping every other index, resulting in just 12 cuts. 

-Any other desired weight can be achieved by changing the number of cuts. This may require additional Cut Blocks.

-Overall dimensions 36″L x 30½”W x 52″H


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