Curd Unloader

Curd Unloader

Ullmer’s Dairy Equipment Curd Unloader System has a custom-built hopper to be integrated into a gate-end style, finishing/drain table. It can be designed as an add-on for an Ullmer’s Dairy Equipment Finishing/Drain Table or as retrofit addition to a competitor’s. The hopper’s dual-auger design funnels curd to the center of the hopper, where a vertical auger carries the curd up a trough to a customer’s desired height. From there, the user can deposit the curd into hoops, molds, a secondary conveyor, or any number of custom applications.


  • Full 304 stainless steel construction
  • Designed and fabricated on-site with a 3A and USDA compliancy in mind
  • Designed for COP and CIP applications
  • Sanitary casters, allowing for ease of mobility
  • Controls are customized to virtually every situation, including synchronization with table controls and emergency or lock-out safety procedures.

***Ullmer’s also has options for vacuum and belt- conveyor unloading***

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